Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Election has officially started.

The election period has just started and my Mayoral campaign will officially register at 0930, the first one out of the starting gates.

The NV Council Watch blog will not write articles on the Mayoral race but only on the Councillor's race except to say now, "I think I have it wrapped up!"

Monday, 29 September 2014

Union Donation History

Many times, candidates run heavily subsidized by the unions while running to be the boss of those employees.  In some cases, candidates hide that fact from the voters until after the election when by provincial law they have to disclose.

The disclosures are on the CNV website for the last two elections and the following is a list of the donations.

Mussatto, Darrel (2011)     $13,850
Schechter, Sam (2008)      $6,450
Trentadue, Mary (2008)    $6,200
Mussato, Darrel (2008)     $5,450
Keating, Craig    (2008)     $5,200
Amanda Nichol  (2011)  $4,600
Linda Buchanan (2011)      $4,450
Cheryl Leia (2008)              $3,900
Craig Keating (2011)           $3,200
Cheryl Leia (2011)               $2,650
Rod Clark (2008)              $1,950
Juliana Buitenhuis (2011)  $1,650

Thursday, 11 September 2014

More candidates start appearing

Maybe my gut feeling that we would have 30 candidates run for Councillor may turn out to be true.  Let's look at a list of ones that I'm pretty sure about with 19 days to go until the opening of nominations.  Unofficially declared in bold.

Morris, Kerry (kerry.morris.shaw.ca)
Mussatto, Darrel (darrellmussatto.ca)
Pringle, George (pringleformayor.ca)

Back, Holly (hollyback.ca)
Bell, Bill  (electbell.com)
Bell, Don
Bell, Dorothy (electbell.com)
Bookham, Pam
Buchanan, Linda
Clark, Matt (votemattclark.com)
Clark, Rod (rodclark.ca)
Fodor, Elizabeth
Heilman, Joe
Keating, Craig
Leia, Cheryl
Markis, Iani    (voteforiani.com)
McGrenera, Kathryn
Nichol, Amanda (no website submitted)
Nichols, Chris
Polly, Ron
Sostad, Ron (no website submitted)
Valente, Tony (tonyvalente.ca)

If any with website is not listed let me know.  I will be putting up a list on the front page of this blog since the City won't be putting up the candidates platforms and contacts until the 14th of October. If you know of anyone else, let me know.  If a person is not running for certain, contact me personally.  

Phil Marsh is out due to injury and David Janis is in.  

UPDATE 2 Candidates who have registered are bolded.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

It's almost time to act legally

20 days from now Kerry Morris will have to revamp all his campaign material to include an "authorized by Joe Blow Financial Agent for the Morris Nation" or some other legal statement missing from his material which floods the City with now.  At least within a few blocks of his fancy expensive campaign office.

But there is no law that can make him only make statements that conform with the facts or truth.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I guess some people do read this blog

Last night at Council while waiting for them to come back from their in-camera session, a gentleman in front in the gallery informed a few of us that there would be 17 people running for Councillor.

I explained that there could not be a list of official candidates as nominations did not open until the 30th of September but he said that his partner had seen a list online.

I was about to use my usual retort, "You saw it on the internet, so it must be true" when I realized that he was talking about one of my posts on this blog.  Blogger tells me I get 200 to 300 views when I do articles but other than Councillors, Council Watchers and other "inside Hockey" people.  I had never seen evidence that normal voters did read these articles.  Of course, his partner could be preparing to run against me for Mayor so maybe an inside Hockey person.

6 months ago I had thought there would be 30 people running with 5 more running for Mayor.

"Team Mussatto" should be running 4 as I've heard they think one of the reasons they think they have not taken a majority on Council is that they have run to many candidates in prior elections.  I think if they ran under an elector org name on the ballot like Vision North Van, the direct tie on the ballot to all the voters would give the victory they've wanted for a decade.  I think Cheryl Leia will be their 4th as she was short by 154 votes last time and just missed being on Council.

VOICES should be running 4 as well with three for certain, 2 VOICES Councillors and union candidate Amanda Nichol.  Not they will admit this publicly.

Two independents will run who VOICES will try to co-opt Don Bell and Tony Valente and 4 other independents will run Scott Clark, Iani Makris, Dorothy Bell and Bill Bell.

 And of course, there will be COPE's Ron Sostad so that is 14 candidates.  Lots of other possibles and we could reach that 30+5 level.  The reality is all it takes to register and run is two signatures but it takes 3000 votes to get on Council.  So pissed about the Low Level Road, power lines, the condition of the roads, run for Mayor!  Kerry, Darrel and I would love the company.