Thursday, 11 September 2014

More candidates start appearing

Maybe my gut feeling that we would have 30 candidates run for Councillor may turn out to be true.  Let's look at a list of ones that I'm pretty sure about with 19 days to go until the opening of nominations.  Unofficially declared in bold.

Morris, Kerry (
Mussatto, Darrel (
Pringle, George (

Back, Holly (
Bell, Bill  (
Bell, Don
Bell, Dorothy (
Bookham, Pam
Buchanan, Linda
Clark, Matt (
Clark, Rod (
Fodor, Elizabeth
Heilman, Joe
Keating, Craig
Leia, Cheryl
Markis, Iani    (
McGrenera, Kathryn
Nichol, Amanda (no website submitted)
Nichols, Chris
Polly, Ron
Sostad, Ron (no website submitted)
Valente, Tony (

If any with website is not listed let me know.  I will be putting up a list on the front page of this blog since the City won't be putting up the candidates platforms and contacts until the 14th of October. If you know of anyone else, let me know.  If a person is not running for certain, contact me personally.  

Phil Marsh is out due to injury and David Janis is in.  

UPDATE 2 Candidates who have registered are bolded.